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SFS: Dada’s Girl

Sabriel Family Story: Dada’s Girl

"Dear, you need to be gentle, your grandfather is—"

Shadow flailed wildly in the nurse’s arms, trying furiously to reach Sam. “HE NAOT MAI G’AMPPA, HE MAI DADA!” she yowled.

Gabriel sighed and took Shadow from the well-meaning—but clueless—nurse as Sam laughed, the sound wheezing in his old lungs. “Thank you. I’ve got her.” She smiled and took the hint, closing the hospital door behind her.

He sighed and settled gently on the bed beside his mate, now wrinkled with age. “I wish you’d let me heal you,” he grumbled, keeping Shadow from crawling on her stepfather’s chest as she’d spent the last half century doing.

Sam smiled, eyes closed. “No…” he sighed, his hand patting the archangel’s. “You know I never wanted to outlive my brother long. Besides, you promised that we’d see each other again.”

Gabriel scowled, giving up as Shadow wormed her way under Sam’s arm, curling there like a stubborn kitten. “Mai dada,” she sulked, noticing Gabriel watching her.

The corners of Sam’s lips curved upward. “You’re a good girl, Shadow. A good…”

He sighed, once, and the heart monitor stuttered into one long beep.

Shadow flinched against Sam’s body and hissed at the noise, clinging to him as nurses, alerted by the sound, began to fill the room. Words like “heart failure” and “resuscitate” swam around her, and she hissed and kicked as someone lifted her from the cooling body to let the doctors through. “Yoo naot take mai dada!” she wailed, running away and disappearing into the blur of people.

"DAAAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAA!" the toddler cried, tracking his scent until she could run into his arms again.

Sam just laughed and swung his baby girl into the air. “How did I know you’d find me?” he teased, cuddling her.

"Dada Dada yoo mai Dada yoo naot leaves me yoo NAOT I naot let yoo…" Shadow sobbed into his neck, pudgy arms twined around his throat.

Sam just sighed and surveyed the coast he stood on. He remembered this day; their family had trekked out to a lonely shoreline and spent the afternoon splashing in the waves. They’d waited until Dean and Cas had taken the kids around the beachhead, and then Gabe—

He smiled at the sound of wings behind him. “I thought she’d find you, smart little rascal.”

Sam pulled his archangel in for a kiss, grinning when it made his heart pound rather than seize with age. “So this is heaven,” he sighed.

Gabriel grinned, whistling as he took in the scenery. “You have excellent taste,” he purred, eyes fastening back on Sam’s bare muscles.

The hunter smiled wistfully, confessing “I almost can’t believe I made it.”

His mate just snorted and pulled him closer. “Oh please. Like I’d let you go anywhere else.”

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